Telltale Marine

What is Telltale Marine!

Telltale Marine is a cooperation of various experts for all questions regarding yachting including but not restricted to the boat, the equipment, the crew and the success in a competition.

Why Telltale Marine?

No one knows better than all together! It is necessary in yachting to have the insight and the knowledge of the specialist to overlook his field of expertise and to be able to make the right choice.  This cannot be achieved with just a single consultant or sales manager. Telltale Marine is different: The experts work independently and still cooperate as a team for the customer’s benefit.  

Who is Telltale Marine?

The idea was brought to life on the water by the two sailing friends and founders of Telltale Marine: Albert Schweizer, sail maker, and Gregor Franke, naval architect. The customer will profit from these two men, professionals through and through, with the experience of decades of active yachting. Other experts will complete the team as necessary.

Who needs Telltale Marine?

Every aquatic sportsman wants to utilise his boat to the fullest, whether cruising or participating in international yacht racing.  Do you have an idea, a wish, a dream or a problem?  Along with the realisation and maintenance of your desire, Telltale Marine has the qualified team of specialists who will find the best and individually fitted solution.